Stories by Storytel

The Stories cross platform mobile application was a very challenging but rewarding project. Working in a small three person team (project manager + two developers) we planned, developed and released a short story publishing platform with a polished iOS/Android app.

Screenshots of the Stories application
Stories by Storytel

The app features a very customized UI and functionality like dark/light mode, custom tap reading view, sound book preview listening, custom animations and transitions and more.

This project required a full set of knowledge and experience in software development. It involved everything from conceptualization, planning, technical direction and prototyping to system/data architecture, designing, UX, testing and naturally a lot of coding.

After evaluating the options I made the decision to use the new Flutter framework (still in beta by the time) by Google for the mobile app. Learning both Flutter and the programming language Dart on the fly worked remarkably well. Flutter is a very elegantly constructed and efficient framework.

We built the system using an agile process, incrementally adding and refining functionality. While I focused the mobile app the other developer focused on the backend. Together we also built a very comprehensive web based admin/CMS tool in Angular with Material design. The admin/CMS tool featured a lot of user friendly adaptations such as autocompletions, drag and drop, a built in image editor etc.